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Chapter 1 - ‘Hello, World’, Indeed
The Sasquatch are real. They live in tribes, and no, they are not a native species. Who would have ever guessed? But that’s the least of our worries regarding our lives on this planet we call Earth. Before March of 2011, a year out from the ever-talked about Mayan calendar, we would have just been talking about volcanoes, earthquakes and solar cycles. Now, we’ve come to realize that civilizations have come and gone from this planet before. Massive waves of exodus that leave behind only legends, some biblical in their re-telling, some unbelievable, some still mysterious, all traveling the natural course of passing down from generation to generation soon to become as dilute as an Aesop fable being told to a child. I’m getting ahead of myself, and my tiny role in this…

It’s a week after the great awakening of the Earth from a dormant cycle of transformative tectonic plate activity that has its influence rooted in our sun. It’s after Japan was left suffering from a massive earthquake sending tsunamis across the Pacific ocean and shattering parts of the island nation. Yet, little did we know we were not alone, we were never alone, just as children require a certain degree of parental supervision along with freedoms to experience and explore their environment, we come to find out we are children who are about to grow up very fast.

The first inkling that there was more to the earth changes occurring than Mother Nature working her magic or mankind tinkering with global warming came from our own source of light, the sun. NASA has been monitoring space weather for quite some time now, projecting an end to an 11 year solar cycle which has left us earthlings rather complacent about the cosmic scheme unfolding in grand cycles. How can we blame ourselves? We literally lived in an ecologically blue bubble, a tiny mass of Gaia we refer to as home.

Big game changers in our environment never threatened humanity, we are survivors first and foremost. How could we know that this time would be different? Perhaps it was a mass denial of the tenets of truth that was literally spelled out in its various forms for us: the pyramids, the Nazca Lines, the Mayan calendar, and so many other clues. Some of our population, the Free Masons, as one example, along with remnants of other secret societies, knew something was afoot, but none had the complete picture.

That’s ok, from what I am being told, it just puts us a bit behind our evacuation schedule. That’s all. No need to worry, there’s a nice pastoral planet out there (and some slightly more developed ones) that await our arrival. We just need to tweek a few items on the agenda so that humanity can make this transition successfully without destroying itself in the process.
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