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Chapter 2 - Back To The Sun, For The Moment
Chapter 2 - Back To The Sun, For The Moment

Space weather was a term coined for our population once we started tossing tin cans into orbit we call satellites. It became important to be watching radiation pouring from the sun that could affect us. So NASA started aiming some of our technological smarts right at the sun, looking at sun spots, coronal mass ejections, and sun flares to gauge any disruptions to our essential electronics and astronauts outside the protection of our atmospheric bubble. We may not be prepared here on Earth for a super flare that could possibly scorch the planet’s electronics, but at least we could be informed one was coming. In this way, we turned our attention to the sun.

This information was seen as something innocuous enough to be broadcast on the internet and accessible to everyone who had a hook into the digital life. Pictures of the sun made us appreciate the dynamic and active ball of fire that was in the sky. (Check them out for yourself: www.SpaceWeather.com )

The technology looking at the sun was incredible in its own right. It filtered our view to show things that could not be seen by the naked eye. We were in awe at the primordial energy and it’s power ever-changing in front of our technologically enhanced eyes. It was in January, 2011, that those images started to show something else, actually many other things, and none of them were of the sun. At first they were dismissed as natural, reflections on objects, cosmic dust even, or the best yet, it was the sun, just part of the natural process of it ejecting masses of stuff from its surface. No matter, these reflections, seen outside the area of the sun’s corona, never positioned between the sun and Earth, caught our attention anyway.

Once they entered into our awareness, it was only natural for us to explore them and explain them. We are humans, we thirst for knowledge, it’s in our genetic code. These reflections started to exhibit shape and definition. Some even had their own sources of illumination. Some were seen as reflecting obvious geometric shapes. Once telescopes were tuned in, the news was a shocker. There were a lot of big things out there, around our sun, that weren’t there before, and still more things were starting to appear.

We on earth, in our state of vulnerability, shocked to our core from numerous natural disasters coming one right after another, were about to be shocked once again. We were about to learn that yes indeed life existed elsewhere in this universe and we are not so disconnected from it as we may have thought. Lucky for us, for we are in need of a little help.
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