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Chapter 3 - It’s All In My Head
Chapter 3 - It’s All In My Head

This is my diary of the events as they unfold. I am being told that I have something unique going on in my head, (the marvel of genetics, thanks to my ancestry tracing back to Roman days) that allows me a greater intuitive depth of awareness and a reception to empathic communication which puts me in a group of humans, and apparently there are many, who can receive the telepathic broadcasts.

These broadcasts are the first trickling of an information management plan which has been in place for a very long time. I am part of a groundswell within the human ranks to help normalize this transition. I am also told that my genetic “skills”, untapped and untrained for generations, are going to prove quite helpful with the ambassadorial role I will find myself immersed.

So why the telepathy approach? Why not just show up and knock on my door and deliver the news in person? As more questions form in my head, answers form with them as well. It's interesting to say the least; like doing a search on the internet, entering your query on Google, and getting back a bevy of links to find the answer. Except, instead of having to filter through and determine which link to choose from the search results, the answer is right there after the question takes form. As one can expect, not every person is well suited to be such a receiver, it requires a stable personality and a level of intellect along with it. I'll take that as a compliment.

In a way I feel a bit like my family tree was cultivated way back when the seeds were planted. In this case, perhaps genetically modified seeds. A snippet of genetic code passed down over the ages, from my mother's side of the family, just sitting there untapped waiting for activation in my genes. One day they are flipped on and information starts to flow.

Why not just come visit and recruit me for the job? Well, there are a vast set of human dynamics that are at play in the world today. Some represent what can only be classified as considering themselves elite; and they have amassed power over generations. They stand in control of vast human infrastructures like food distribution, energy supply, general economies, and even militaries. They have a lot to lose and they also are the ones in denial that something bigger than them is afoot. So much is this level of denial that they are apt to attack what threatens their power base. If that were to happen, they can easily send humanity back to the dark ages and it would take too long to recover from that mess to survive what the solar system itself is going to be dishing out.

I am assured, however, that the human consciousness has evolved to the point where even the elite can no longer exert such total control and domination over the masses. In fact, they are in decline due to the work of other intelligences across the universe taking action here on Earth. However, it is still appropriate to use subtlety in the preparations underway here on Earth which can lead up to a point where a larger reveal can occur and their work can happen in the open and not seen as a threat. Until then, it's a trickle affect in action: Those who have a natural higher awareness developed will find my journal and it will help them to spread the word further.

I just wished they could have sent me an owner's manual for this. I feel like I'd come up to speed about this telepathy gene stuff much faster if I had a guide. Even that has an answer too. Apparently, as I tinker and discover more about these abilities, they awaken the knowledge about them. In some strange way, it feels as if I'm playing a video game where you have to go explore other realms and retrieve pieces of a puzzle which then unlock other levels.

In the meantime, I am encouraged to play around and exercise these skills. In the next couple of months, as they sharpen, I will start to receive instructions to be disseminated. Most of these instructions will be logistical in nature: where to report, what to bring, that kind of stuff.

One thing is clear though: humanity is going to be leaving the Earth for other planets; it's a cycle that's been repeated, and a fairly regular one at that.
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