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Chapter 4 - The Great Reveal Begins and it Stratifies Humanity
Chapter 4 - The Great Reveal Begins and it Stratifies Humanity

My diary continues as we advance another year and my role to help prepare humanity for an exodus sharpens. It’s 2012 and the United Nations has declared this the Year of Sustainable Energy For All. It’s a step in the right direction, but in the grand scheme of cosmic alignments, won’t amount to much. Last year, the scientists studying our sun found a bunch of anomalies. Or that’s what the power structures in charge of humanity’s current institutions decided they would be, “anomalies”, for the benefit of public consumption. On the surface, the reasons seemed credible enough, not wanting to cause chaos, or worse, rebellion against the very institutions established to keep control over the masses.

From banking and governance to religion, those in power could not afford to lose their carefully constructed place among the false hierarchy of haves and have-nots. A great campaign of information control, a battle of narratives began, all to limit how the anomalies should be perceived. This didn’t stop the plans already unfurling and such propaganda games are only successful in times that are relatively calm. This year was going to be anything but calm for the global population.

As astronomers began to focus on our star, the anomalies appeared to be increasing in numbers. This was proving to be a good distraction to those who were coming to our aid. They’ve been here for many epochs of human history, always operating in the background noise with gentle guidance to help humans evolve their consciousness. It is so important to reach a level of what we humans call ‘Spiritual Awareness’ in order for humanity to grow and be able to leave this nursery we call Earth. The universe relies on the pure energy of consciousness to exist. A connection humanity has just begun to explore.

Unfortunately, this iteration of humanity’s growth and development, something that normally takes many generations to attain a heightened consciousness, isn’t going so well. Early interventions in this epoch of humanity turned into religion itself. That was soon coopted by those seeking control and power to become a stunting force in our spiritual growth. The interveners, the Guides, Humanity’s caretakers pulled back and decided to let us figure out our own pathway to a more enlightened era. As history had proven to those charged with our growth and protection, false idolatry usually burns itself out given enough time and passing generations.

Instead, they returned to the slower introduction of ideas through humanity’s subconscious. They have always nudged human creativity toward exploring important concepts on their own. Many concepts bore themselves out through technological breakthroughs. Many presented themselves in the form of entertainment. The concept of the Prime Directive, why direct intervention in another species’ development was discouraged, came through science fiction television. The rise of science fiction as a genre itself was a development that only happened in the relatively recent past. It became one of humanity’s influential spaces to explore such concepts.

With the universe, not all events could be predicted. The cosmic alignment of 2012, where our solar system would be aligned with the galactic center began a quickening of events in our sun that wasn’t expected for another 26,000 years. Humanity needed an accelerated push to shed its bad habits. Plans for a Great Reveal began.

The Great Reveal would not be with any fanfare, but it also would not be without some serious sacrifice. We were going to lose lives along the way. Humanity would stratify between those who were able to uplift themselves to a higher plane of thought and those who were too complacent to shed old skins, to release old ways, to discover new knowledge. Those who were latched on to religious dogma, who held tight to conservative values, were the most resistant to change and growth.

Contact began in many forms. The Prime Directive was reevaluated. Thank goodness too, for humanity was in need of intervention. The first results of interventions began to show themselves, the most successful was called the “Arab Spring” and led to mass uprisings against oppressive power structures. It began a trickle effect of change as humanity wrestled with itself. The questioning and dismantling of regimes, paradigms, economies, institutions, and all manners of controls began to take center stage.

Nature was a part of this too. Humanity’s grip on fossil fuels for energy had its own manner of accelerating changes. Soon after Hurricane Sandy landed, we began to think perhaps we really were impacting our climate. Such insights were reinforced by those helping us. If humanity could grasp the concept of changing for the good of the climate, this would accelerate the level of awareness necessary for peak consciousness growth. So the interveners, quietly guided key figures, to emerge and help steer the climate change conversation along.

Humans however, are a fickle lot and our dependence upon fossil fuels led the industry to start delving into new means of extraction. We went from drilling for our black gold to new forms of extraction. Even faced with the prospect of passing peak oil, there was too much for stakeholders to give it up and make a switch to investment in more planet friendly technology. They developed fracking and that had consequences. The obvious ones were seen in the preponderance of earthquake swarms that began to activate along fault lines that were long dormant. Sink holes formed and water tables were impacted. In the heartland of the United States, the shifting ground was palpable. Residents who were accustomed to tornados, were being caught off guard by ground shaking events on the clearest of sunny days.

The impact from the fossil fuel industry was far more than just localized events. Humanity’s addiction to petroleum was setting the first of a few dominos falling that could bring about a greater devastation. The imbalance of all the North American oil extraction was quickly leading to the costly bill becoming due.

What the industry already knew as a potential, but shrugged off as low risk was being set into motion. The caldera we called Yellowstone was once again becoming active. The danger was no longer low risk and the destruction which could be caused would bring about a greater setback that couldn’t be afforded given our updated solar timeline.

Enter the Sasquatch. At the same time fracking was tipping the scales, the number of Sasquatch sightings in the Pacific Northwest began to increase exponentially. Like the many other intelligent life forms gathering to usher humanity to safety, the Sasquatch were here for their specialist abilities as well. We needed to slow the Yellowstone caldera from escalating and they were the perfect extraterrestrials to be charged with that task. Indeed, they too are highly evolved consciousnesses who came of age on a different planet. Their evolution allowed them to connect to their own planetary consciousness.

Every life giving planet has a conscience too. As a human is a collection of individual cells and bacteria organizing together, as a vessel for consciousness growth, so too is every planet teeming with life. The very life that inhabits it, brings forth a planetary consciousness that is just as organized. The Sasquatch attained a level of development that evolved the skills to tap directly into a planetary consciousness. To influence, to cajole, to calm, to encourage, their interfacing allowed them to steer entire ecosystems. They were very much needed now to prevent catastrophe.

Operating in the Northwest Cascade mountains, they acted as tuning forks to hold the Teutonic plates from giving in to humanity’s disturbances. The last thing the earth needed now was a caldera bringing all the plans to a halt. The population of what we knew as Sasquatch, but were really known among themselves and the galactic community as Oscuros, loosely translated as ‘The Watchers’, became quite active.

The Yellowstone caldera must be held off on its natural inclination to fester. Vast tracks of water from under the crumpling and folded Cascade mountains on the North American Continental plate were being redirected toward Yellowstone from the west to counter the fracking results which were creating more trouble than the oil being extracted was worth. The Sasquatch specialists were hard at work, behind the scenes of humanity’s drama.

A trickle of new thinking began to appear. This happened not only with the topic of climate change, but also fundamental concepts of human rights and understanding of humanity itself. Suddenly, diversity of the human experience started gaining traction as well. Binary concepts such as gender, family, sexuality, and the controls put in place to limit them, were being challenged by those who began living their most authentic selves. Turns out self-actualization is exactly what humanity needed. Those who previously lived as outliers to a binary way of thinking, were being elevated to lead humanity forward. They would also be vilified along the way by those who projected their own insecurities, seeing others who are different as a challenge to their faith filled foundations.

2012 saw the pace of change accelerate. Technologies were needed to get humanity out of its localized mode of rugged individualism, family and community. Humanity needed to become more globally aware of our species. The rise of the cellphone began to see its ubiquity as accessibility to being connected to others. Humanity’s guides were focusing on technology transfer at an increased pace that would help this along. However, it was up to humanity to begin adopting these new forms of connection. Tight controls were instituted to allow a steady, but quickened, progression of development to roll out. While sudden breakthroughs became commonplace for semiconductors and computing power, temperance was needed to assure such wouldn’t fall prey to being leveraged by those who’s egos needed power by limiting access to them.

Those beings that were charged with all areas of technology advancement among humans, always had a deep connection with our development. They are the Melchizedeks. These beings have a consciousness mass so large that they appear simply as balls of light to humans. We’ve called them angels, but really they are multidimensional beings which represent the future versions of ourselves. They are our celestial guardians, planetary aides who can control even gravity itself. They want us to succeed and be fruitful, multiply, and transcend, for it is pure consciousness that this Universe relies on for its existence.

They have invested in the success of this iteration of humanity and are not willing to see it collapse. They also know that our consciousness in this human form transcends death. We may die in our physical plane, but the human conscience lives on and evolves. It repeats its biological existence over and over, through many human lifetimes, to evolve itself, to spiral upwards in a greater mass of consciousness itself; to become Melchizedek through its own development. It’s a rare thing to find a precious element in this universe, and the incubator called Earth is one of the most precious in growing consciousness through biological expressions.

The Melchizedek’s are the ones who are connecting with the humans who have reached a level of openness and spiritual awareness of consciousness itself. These are the humans who are receptive to growth and change. Many have attained this growth through the path of society’s outliers. It takes a degree of trauma to break free of those who would seek to oppress.

In 2012, especially in the North American continent, many of these self-actualized humans are found to be Gay, Lesbian, or Transgender. For it is those who are seen as the least among the religious, who will have discovered the true meaning of spiritual righteousness and were able to not only transcend human dogma, but challenge it to the core. They are the new shamans rising. They are the leaders of the next exodus. They are the ones to help guide humanity as we evacuate this planet. They will be met with a great resistance from those old power structures and humanity will stratify into those who can elevate their consciousness and those who are too shackled to old dogmas that hold empty promises of redemption.

Meanwhile, as with all massive migration projects, infrastructure is needed, so those anomalies around the sun continue to increase in number. Soon the entire 7.06 billion humans, still increasing rapidly, are going to find out what’s in store. In the meantime, let’s keep breaking the old ways of thinking that have been slowing us down.

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