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Answer to the current Writer's Cramp challenge.
          I never learned to cook. Not that I was lazy, or I didn't have time to. I simply found more interesting things to do than standing in front of a stove for hours. I regretted this when my phone broke down and I couldn't order my regular meal from the local restaurant. I walked there, just to find that it was closed.
          Now I was a bit angry. I got home and took the dusty cookbook down from the shelf. I was determined. I will fight for my lunch.
          I chose a simple chicken soup recipe which I thought I could deal with. Turned out, I was wrong.
          At first, I ruined two carrots while trying to cut them. Then I took out the chicken nuggets from the freezer. They are chickens, after all, aren't they? The next moment, I fought off my cat who was trying to steal them. After a long while and some poor potatoes thrown into the bin, I finally put the soup up to cook and went into my room to check my emails.
         Twenty minutes later, when I was in the middle of decorating my seventh Sim house, I heard a weird bubbling sound. I rushed out to the kitchen, to find my soup all over the floor. It ran out.
         I couldn't do anything else than mopping it up, and eating a sandwich for lunch.
         In the evening, my girlfriend came. I told her everything, after she questioned me about the industrial quantity of potato peels in the bin. She taught me how to cook a chicken soup next day.
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