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a short poem about loss and c0mmunity.
Come, We

It has come to pass.
The cold and the dark have conquered the sun.
There is no air.
Only stillness and despair.
Come, we will show you we all care.

He has gone away.
You mourn and your thoughts have vanquished all truth.
A glimpse of you.
Only shell and shape of blue.
Come, we will breathe the air for you

Take care in your grief.
One hand touched the ground and the other the sky.
Let the tears fly.
Only salt and water know why.
Come, we will help you say good bye.

So too, this will end.
The cold and the dark will depart with the light.
As if from fright.
Only hope and futures starbright.
Come, we will help you gain new sight.
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