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a short poem about social awakening
Protest Sign

Don’t ask me if I’m angry!
Don’t you dare!
To imply the question.
Deny that you were there.

Deny an active part.
Drive the conspiracy.
Insist no difference?
Deny my life to me.

Walk the angry razor blade.
One small step at a time.
Armed with words and accusations.
Not shameful suicide.

Don’t ask me if I’m angry!
I mutter to myself.
You see spit on my darkened face.
I see something else.

I saw loss and ruin.
Lives lost at every stage.
Arms broken and legs detached.
You wonder why we rage.

Of course, I’m angry.
Where else would I be?
Guilty on the sidelines?
While others fight for me!

No, bloodless and blameless.
Two old friends of mine.
Not really and never again.
Raised fist, my protest sign.
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