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a short poem about fantasy colliding with reality
Night Clubbing

Reaching out into the darkest dark.
No fad is gone or dead for long.
It’s a never-ending cycle of hype and despair.
None is right and none is quite wrong.

I found the future me in the back of the room.
Buried amongst the rhyme with no reason.
You are the me that I wanted to be.
No matter the time or season.

Bend our necks together with our heads in tow.
Rest your hands in mine and now let go.
Hips that sway and can’t sashay.
If water, it would flow.

Able to leap small obstacles.
On a mere skateboard of a song.
Neither superman or superwoman.
None hang in the air too long.

Gravity to tear you down again.
You walk on earth like everyone else.
As the day begins a new arrival.
Don’t forget to love yourself.
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