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Blocked at every turn of season


Long I longed for yearnings end
and pined, repining low.
Heaving heavy sighs aloft,
awaiting Cupid's bow.

Hope sprang sprightly in the spring,
my love stick she excited.
But ardent Hopeful overtures
went sadly unrequited.

Summer seemed a cheeky thing
in daisy dukes and thongs.
I bared it all for Summer's sake,
Alas, she done me wrongs.

Autumn's pumpkin spice perfume
impelled me to accost.
But passion shriveled uselessly,
nipped short by Autumn's frost.

In winter it seemed Crystal clear,
that I should be quite bold.
Til Crystal flaked out icily
and left me in the cold.

The year rolls on, the years roll by,
the year rolls 'round again.
Feeble February glooms
to match the gloom within.

Endless, feudal urge to merge,
lust sans culmination.
Cupid's just a cruel joke,
mocking my frustration.

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