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Converse and speak easy, while enlightening - enjoy the wonderment of community - a poem.
An awakening of sin
Fractures, debases, and defrauds;
As a symbol of savage, unseemly miles,
This incalculable travesty
Destroys communities and businesses;
And it borrows endlessly
From the future of society,
Where goodness and family
Imply the most significant truths…

In all uncertain and jovial matters,
Allow construction to control
The commute to diligent recourse
And priority settings;
Further the gulf of shadowy knowledge
And friendly chatting
With a barreling inward
In an extroverted and sincere triage;
And whittle away the bones
And distressing rounds
Of unforeseeable showing
With complete authority…

Stitching holds many types
Of clothes, shoes, and accessories
Together -
And the rest of the day provides
Actionable grace and fluid conception.
A courtroom seats most judges;
A moral blessing of triumphant recipes
For resolve;
Within which resolve begets
Changed and stringent bakers and chefs
Of an opportune, cartoon-like baking.
Just to see what folks can and should
Cover and complete.
One chess piece is captured
And not long after,
Many more shall topple
In the right players’ automotive gains! 

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