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Humorous short short story written for Daily Flash Fiction contest.
                   A LITTLE HELP FROM MOM

         "Hi, Mom. I'm sorry to call so early, but I'm supposed to take homemade sausage bread to the book club tonight. I don't have a ghost of an idea on how to make it. The recipe calls for AP flour. Is that Any Price or what?"

         "That's all purpose flour dear."

         "Okay. Thanks Mom. I think I have that. It's in a blue bag from Walmart."

         "Sorry to have to ring you again, Mom, but I'm supposed to use two cups of flour. Now is that like teacup or a coffee cup? My coffee mugs hold a lot more than my teacups."

         "You need to use a measuring cup dear. Remember when we set up your kitchen we put three of them in your cupboard."

         "Oh, yeah. Okay."

         "Me again, Mom. What's it mean when they say proof your yeast? What is there to prove about yeast? Uh huh, Uh huh. I got it. Warm water, not hot."

         "I know I'm becoming a bit of a pest, Mom, but it says to brown and drain the sausage. I've checked all my pans and none of them have a drain. Do I need to buy a new pan? And is it supposed to be light brown or dark brown?"

         "Yeah. I got it. Just hold the lid on the pan with a crack and pour the grease out."

         "Mom, I'm at the store. I need eggs. Do I get large or medium? Organic of free range?"

         "It's me again. The recipe says a tsp of oregano and basil. Is that a tablespoon or a teaspoon?"

         "Really, big T for tablespoon, little t for teaspoon. I think I'm good to go."

         "Hi everybody. I couldn't wait for book club tonight. I brought sausage bread. I made it all by myself."

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