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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Horror/Scary · #2290142
People living an a horrid alien world
After nightfall comes
In this loathsome place,
Great travesties abound.

Creatures out of nightmares
Mutations or throwbacks,
Like badly drawn toons.

Faces only half-formed
On bodies that don't fit,
Legs barely work.

Some have two faces
On bodies strange and lumpy,
And legs mere sticks.

Tails composed of spikes
Like on a giant porcupine,
Lethal when swished.

After nightfall comes
Abominations teeming,
On this awful world.

Purple grass and plants
Feed this bizarre menagerie,
When they can't get meat.

Yellow oceans flush
With horrendous life forms,
More like mammals than fish.

Man-eating piscine
That leap out of the waters,
Snatching fishermen.

No end to horrors
Stalking each other and you,
In this horrid land.

© Copyright 2023, Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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