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So don't forget the taxes and fees👊
Everyone's got an addiction in their pocket
They hold it near and dear like their dead mothers locket
Can't go without, gotta check their notifications now
Can't live the good life without AI telling us all how
How my analytics be?
How many people follow me?
How am I compared to yesterday
Who's ass I gotta kiss for YouTube to pay?
If I want to make it on Twitch, what game should I play?
The information collective; the peoples' minds is their prey
Social media success linked directly to what we say
Agree with your masters or we won't let you stay

Well fuck you internet, I don't give a shit
I was never the fucking popular chick
I refuse to play your tired old schtick
I'll never suck your fucking virtual dick
So come find me bitches, I got a nice big stick
To shove up your asses
Fuck your fragility glasses
I ain't taking no diversity classes
Not interested in your fucking passes
Your algorithm shit tryna control the masses
I got words for you fuckers all full of gasses
Got some chemical warfare better than yo' shitty grasses

The weed you sellin us, the lines you feedin us are all bunk
So come find me assholes, cause imma lock you in the trunk
Duct tape you up and drive you off a fucking bridge
Cause I'm so tired of you messing around with our kids
I'll plunge you into deep waters
Laugh while you fuckers flounder
Sit around and laugh at your crew
Like all you suits in boardrooms do
To us, all while you mock our founders
Well fuck you suits! We takin' back our powers

So cheers to us
Who know how to cuss
We gonna flip the switch
And write a new script
Silicon valley sluts
Political pundits
Guess what's gonna be new?
You ain't part of the crew
You don't come from the same world as we all be hailin'
So you fuckers ain't welcome on this new boat we be sailin'

See how you muthafuckers like that
By the way, aristocrats
I hear the cat in the hat
Knows a lot about all that
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