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by Espero
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A cupid you do not want to meet on Valentine's Day
Vesper crawled out of his mountain cave,
it was February once again,
for the evil cupid, blood he craved,
and he relished in creating pain.

His poison arrows all were sharpened,
from practice, he never missed his mark.
Victims could not make him disheartened,
for his heart was cold and thoughts were dark.

Valentine's day was a day for fools,
for love didn't exist in his world,
he'd rather be friends with ghosts and ghouls,
he manically laughed; his red lips curled.

The closer it came to target day,
his crazed mirth shuddered the mountain top.
He'd plant a spear inside a bouquet.
full of poison to make a heart stop.

Oh, and what about that dinner kiss.
He'd wait for just the perfect moment.
For surely, his arrow would not miss,
he'd kill that soft and wet bestowment.

The diamond proposal would be great,
ah, the pain he'd see upon her face,
for the one she thought would be her mate,
will have exited the human race.

The couple whose vows will be renewed,
will reside forever in their graves,
their hearts together the arrow hewed,
he knew the event would send shockwaves.

You see, once so very long ago,
Vesper was happy and full of love.
A vision of her made his heart glow.
then what happened was hard to speak of.

A handsome cupid stole her away.
He was broken when she turned on him,
laughing hard when he begged her to stay.
The love he once knew began to dim.

Anger and depression filled his heart,
it turned to ice - he promised revenge.
To the high mountains he did depart,
vowed Valentine a day of avenge.

Now Vesper has turned to the dark side.
A warning to all lovers out there.
On Valentine's Day you better hide.
Vesper's arrow could strike anywhere.

44 lines
Prompt: Slam Cupid - make it terrible
Ent'd Bard's Hall Feb. 2023

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