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some thoughts of questioning
Oh!?… My!

the Mystery in me Inquired the unriddled questions to twilddle

Why does the green grass dream on a mountain side. Steep ; - or the flowers pedals sleepily drink of the puffy white moods twinkling of an autumn leaf on retreat

Why does the alpine lake shimmer its dreamy grace upon the hikers escape ; - or the soft paths meditate a trade for the good energy at play

Why do the autumn leaves flash their rediness to the butterfly’s lightly blessing the humble rapids tune ; - or the creek sing its prestine regime to ten million and one hootting flute tunes

Why does the snow shine so bright on cedar’s and evergreen's roaming ther dreams in winter sleep

Why does the snow lay so quietly on the hot springs breathing so deeply

When the buffalo roam the mountains and canyons back to their ancient home:.. shaking the snowy fluff from their punny faces

When the winds circle time and chew prairie rhye until the next rain of reason gives the new light

When raptors read the powerful breeze, do they think of poetic adventures of eternity

When the snow flies south does it speculate what the weeping willows converse about

When dandelions fluff their personal snow flakes into the vibrance of a budding poplar’s shrine does help the dragonflies buzz extra high to the spirits rippling glide

When you blow a dandelion bare do the seeds weep with the joy of adventuring a mysterious land beyond the horizon

When minding the northern lights, does one speculate of hows of the heights of their mind

When a mountain sheds It’s skin, do the springs then begin their festivities

When the whispers echo, does it leave a tremolo humming hello within the creek pebbles

When an eagle fly’s high and a fish swims by, does a river then flow its truth to some forgotten rhyme from its youth

How does the wheat feed the goat’s and sheep’s glands to levitate rocky steep

How does the wind blow through the leaves speaking the names of future experience

what does the world whirl its churn to the swiftly solar blurs fine tuned to deep constructive clues. … who are ‘you’ to the natal flutes

What does the blue jay crave when singing and swaying on the moos’s mane

What does a valley river sing through it’s gentle tune to the flavors of flamboyant flowers

What happens when a lightning sprite takes evil energy from a meteorite so there’s nothing but good to hover over the green woodlands.

If a star shines extra bright does it light up all the fireflies into a cartwheel of evolving mightyness

If flowers and bee’s converse in silent seliloques, does their shared solitude breath the molting of spirit development:; dose the stillness allow their minds the reach the highest mountain peaks

In the days when the lands were sweetly swept, and the herds roamed the nests of the shephards

I wonder if in the mist, spirits can conduct visible business

11/16-18 /22

~ Quieter the Wilder Laine
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