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Tod faces a new challenge, Demitrium earns his new skill and Roul grounds Canther.
Chapter 4

Queen Isabella sits on her throne of silver. Tod notices that she is wearing a dingy blue Brocade trench coat; expecting blood on her no doubt. 'This will be a fight to the death. I think maybe you've suffered enough my friend. I will try to make it quick so please, let's not give her a good show. Let me put you out of your misery. I will take that torch from you now. I'm sorry my friend.' All he hears from the other wolf's mind is the word 'KILL'. He knows that this one has completely lost his mind and needs to be put down for his own sake. He can't allow a werewolf, of any pack, to be brutalized by this horrid excuse for a woman.

'I must make this look good, she must think that I've succumbed to the serum. She has to believe this serum works. I just hope I can. He has been tormented enough but I wonder if this serum will make me lose my mind too.' He knows things can get pretty bad but if she gets another werewolf and tries this. His cover it will be blown, but for now he's still in the clear.

He hears her clear her throat and looks down at the two werewolves chained to the opposite walls with great expectations. She says just one word then laughed maniacally. "Kill."

The chains magically release. The other werewolf just stood there looking hungry. It looks up at Queen Isabella as if he knows he's about to die. He gives her a look that expressed sadness and desperation. Tod knew he had to rush him to get her to believe that the serum worked. The other wolf defended himself with both savagery and horror in his eyes. He wanted out. Tod's seen that look before. A desperate werewolf reaching the end of his rope, he noticed that he wasn't attacking with the ferocity of a normal crazy wolf. He had some kind of sense to him. 'Does he know? Does he want me to end him?' He reached out to lash at Tod with his claws out. He was able to claw him good and cause blood to splatter all over the place. He jumped back in surprise. He has to be the victor.

'I must put you down. I have to end your suffering.' He sends his friend the telepathic message.

He knew the other wolf knew what he said but all he got back was 'Kill! Eat!'

Tod reached out and clawed him in the chest sending fur and blood all over the cavern. He fell backwards but caught himself. He roared viciously then rushed Tod hard grabbing him by the shoulders, claws sinking deeply into his flesh.

She heard the snarls and growls that came from each of them, but what she didn't see was the pain in both of their eyes. She saw that her new puppy had a definite strategy. The worn out one was too weak. She knew who would win at that moment. She saw Tod swipe at the old wolf and flinched when the blood splattered all over her face. She wiped the blood off her face and flicked it off her hand by the twist of her wrist.

He knew he was wearing him down, he could tell. He still had the intelligence of a pack wolf and knew how to handle himself in battle. At times the other wolf crouched down during an attack and the ball defense was something that was taught in all packs. It was a basic defense tactic.

The wolf rushed the newcomer and pinned him to the back wall. This fight was real and he had to realize that right now. The wolves' claws gouged him in his gut ripping at his intestines. Tod roared in pain and blood dripped from his claws. This weakened the newcomer considerably. He had to do something fast to kill him and finally release him of this curse.

This wolf is running completely on instinct so he has to outsmart him. 'But how do I fight pure instinct?' He felt the wolf push against him, hard, right into the wall behind him. Bleeding, he had to evade his next attack which was a swipe at his throat. This wolf was out for blood. It was just his instinct. He had to put him down now. He swiped at his throat and pulled out some of his muscle. That slowed him down a bit but didn't stop him in his tracks as he saw his throat regenerating. He swiped again and tried to separate his head from his body. He blocked both of his hands that tried to grab his head. He had the strength to block him but he needed to try again.

The wolf rushed him head long. He stepped to the side and grabbed his head.

'I'm sorry friend but go with grace.'


'You will have it my friend.'

He twisted his head clean off. His body fell onto the ground right in front of him And blood splattered everywhere.

"I have seen enough. Bring him back to his new home." She said to the trainers. "I think he shall receive a good meal tonight. Give him the elven vampire. Let him feast on her."

Just then there is a loud howl as he holds the other werewolf's lifeless, headless, body in his arms. Queen Isabella jumps at the sound of this.

After a few minutes, and Tod was taken to his cage, her aid strutted into the room unannounced.

"Have you solved my little problem yet my dear Kandria?" The queen asked.

"We did, and it was just as we suspected, but I never liked that little twerp to begin with. So I guess two problems have been solved. And I thoroughly enjoyed watching him take care of his problem."

"Indeed. I would like YOU to continue with his deliveries from now on. We can ship to him as normal. But make it clear that if there are any more fuck-ups that he will not receive any more shipments from us at all. He better work with you to make sure that doesn't happen."

"I will tell him what he needs to know my queen."

"Very good, now I wish to be alone." Kandria bows to her and walks from the room with an evil grin leaving Queen Isabella alone to wallow.

Hope enters the cavern the way he showed her when she has to sneak in through an emergency entrance, and exit, only to find Adrien's mom waiting for her.

"Where is Adrien!" Gweneth growls.

"I-I-I don't know. He wasn't at the rendezvous point. I waited for a long time but he never showed."

"You have to know where he is. I can't get a fix on him. Did he go into hiding?" She glared at her. "What did you do!" She squints her eyes and purses her lips. "What. Did. You. Do?"

"Nothing! I swear. I was supposed to wait at the rendezvous point and-"

"And you didn't. Did you?" She glared at Hope with a vengeful stare. "What did you do!?"

"I just went wandering, that's all."

"That's NOT all that happened is it? Where is he!?"

"Stop! I didn't do anything! All I know is that he went to get me clothes and he never came back. That's all I know. I'm sorry." She said practically in tears. "I didn't do anything to him, I swear."

A moment passed as gweneth stared at her with squinted eyes. She looked away fiercely not knowing what to do.

"There must be some powerful magic in play if God can't even find him."

Hope could tell she was searching her mind for an answer.

"A dragon." She says under her breath.

"A what?!" Hope said in surprise. "Those really exist?"

"Yes dear, they do. They are very rare and can come in many forms but you can bet that they are all nefarious." She told her. "So you better read that little red book and study hard, If a dragon does have him you will undoubtedly need some of those spells."

"Wait." She says in fear. "You know about that? And you're not mad?"

"Oh I'm furious but right now my son is missing and that takes priority." She said eyeing her. "We will deal with that later. But I better not see any more of that behavior or I will have you killed."

"But he, Uhm, knew me and knew what I had come for. I didn't want to do it and even resisted him for a long time. It's all in the book. Read it please, it will show you that I'm telling you the truth. He said in order for me to reach my full potential I had to kill him and be my first."

"As I said, we will deal with that later, WITH my son."

"Please don't tell him. I'll do that. Please let me tell him."

"I'll let you but I will only give you a short window to tell him. It's time to grow up little girl. Now let's find my son, god is very angry that he can't find him. But get ready to play with the big girls; we may be facing a dragon, or someone who is very powerful."

Demitrium walked down the darkened street heading to the woodsmith's shop. He walked with his Guard up and a certain amount of pride in his step; after all Roul was trusting him for the first time. He looks at all the familiar sights in town. He marvels once again at the marble fountain in the middle of the town square with an angel in the center of the structure. Water flows out of her outstretched wings. 'It really is a wonder how they get the water to come out of the feathers in her wings like that.' He thinks.

Across the street he sees his old dwelling. It looks like the owner had moved in another nice young couple. He can see them at the dining room table that he left behind giggling and holding hands around the tall candles that stood proud in the middle of the table. Hanging on the door remained the welcome sign he had hung there when he and Betty moved into the place two summers ago. He looked at the dwelling in fond remembrance.

Just down the street remained the small restaurant that he and Betty used to frequent. He watched as people paid their tab and left so that the place could close down for the night. He missed that place. 'Maybe I can still take her there before I turn her.' He thought to himself. 'Just for old time's sake, at least we would be able to drink there.'

His blood began to pump as he neared the wood smith owner's shop. His palms started sweating and his breath became short. He ducked back into an alley next to the shop to compose himself. 'You've been trained for this, don't panic Demetrium.' He assured himself. 'The shop is just about to close.' He knows this shop owner so it should be no problem getting in just before he closes.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the cheap pocket watch that Roul gave him. 'Two minutes till, It's now or never.'

He walks over to the door and opens it just as he turns the open sign over.

"I'm sorry sir, we just-Demitrium! I haven't seen you in forever! How are you my boy? We wondered if you were still in town, we haven't seen you or your lovely girlfriend in, what has it been? A year now?" The woodshop owner said. "Come in, come in. You're always welcome here. It is good to see you my boy. What can I do for you tonight?" He said as he casually locked the door behind them.

"Not much. Me and Betty have been working for Roul in his mansion for the last year. If you can believe that." He said with a grin.

"A lot of the people have missed your generosity out here. There are a lot of people with homes in disrepair who are in need of your assistance."

"In due time my friend. I am almost finished with my first assignment then he assures me that I will be able to get back to helping less fortunate people than I, but only when I have completed my immediate assignment."

"Splendid! Now, you came in here for something, what might that be?"

Demitrium had this all planned out but hadn't thought of this particular question. "A special dresser; I wish to have a special dresser made for Betty." He thought quickly. "I need something that will just wow her, something really extravagant."

"Great! I can show you several and be it that you work for Roul I can make a great one for you at a discounted price. How does that sound?"

'Now I feel bad, this is a really good guy here. But if I fail to do what Roul wants who knows what he would do to me.'

"That's great! What do you have that you're working on right now, maybe that will give me some more ideas."

"Let me show you."

He followed him into the back where there are no windows to the open. 'Perfect! No witnesses, that's all I need.'

He faced away from demetrium to guide him to one of his personal projects. He looked at the piece. It had gargoyles in the corners and the feet were gargoyle feet. It was exactly what Roul wanted, as a matter of a fact, when he kills him, he'll take this dresser back to Roul. Roul might actually like this one; and if he's right, he'll have the skills to finish it just the way Roul likes it.

He bent over to show him some intricate details on this dresser. He saw his opportunity. He grabbed the man by the shoulders and jerked him to his feet.

The woodshop owner spun around and threw a punch square at Demetrium's chin. He was caught completely unaware. Off-guard and off balance the shopowner leaned forward with another punch. He picked up one of the tubular pieces of wood from the lathe, broke it right off, then he slammed it right into Demetiums skull breaking the piece in half.

Demetrium, on his heels, sees things in a totally new light. He needed his combat training with this one.

"Yeah! I used to be an adventurer! Let's go demon!" The shop owner snarrled. He wasn't going down easy. That much was obvious.

Demetrium went in for a punch when the shop owner grabbed a door panel from an armoire and blocked him shattering the door. He threw a punch as he fell on his back completely on the defense falling onto one of his pieces knocking it to the floor in a thunderous crash.

He had to get this under control or Roul would never trust him again and probably feed him to one of his beasts.

The shop owner jumped on top of him and tried to strangle him.

'This skinny assed shop owner is much stronger than he looks.' He gets his wrists inside his grip and slams his head forward and knocks the shop owner over to his side.

Dazed, Demetrium takes his shot and tries to bite him. The shop owner slams both of his ears between his extraordinaly strong arms and knocks him over to his side. The shop owner kicks him in the chest Knocking him across the floor sliding him into a mirrored vanity collapsing it on him.

Demetrium stands up sending wood pieces all over the floor making enough noise to wake the dead. He flexes his muscles and his confidence. He's pissed now. The shop owner has got to go down, now!

The shop owner stands when Demetrium stands and is taken aback when he sees the fangs and claws.

Demetrium rushes him, slashing at his chest but the leather apron he wore must've been magical because there was not a mark on it. He clawed again into his shoulders and chest but again the apron was in the way but he did get his shoulders. Demetrium, held the shop owner fast and rushed forward right into his workbench sliding him backward right into one of his cast iron vices he had attached to the bench breaking his lower back. The shop owner screamed in pain, he was now paralyzed from his hips down. He was now helpless and couldn't move at all. Demetrium sank back and watched him go limp and fall to the floor. A victorious smile slid across his face. Then he realized that his victims life was over and that saddened him. This was a good man here.

"You are a good man and a very honorable fighter. But Roul ordered this and I have to obey, I'm now one of his children. But know this. I respect and will honor you with the skills I will gain from your death today."

He bent over to grab him and he still tried to fight him off. The shop owner knew it was over for him so he said one final thing.

'Please leave my kids and wife alone. I will sacrifice myself for you if you do that." He told him with tears in his eyes.

"I will do my best."

He bent over and without resistance sank his teeth into the shop owner, He screamed in pain as he was being fed upon. The sweet blood ran through his veins, nourishing him and replenishing his strength. He felt more powerful than after anything that Roul brought him. All he felt with those was a sense that he was in charge and that was that. This felt more like a rush and he couldn't help but feel empowered.

He had just about finished him off when a woman ran franticly down the stairs and saw what was happening to him and screamed. The shop owner was almost completely drained. He realized that she had nowhere to go because he was blocking the only exit she had. But she had seen him. He had to end her as well. 'No loose ends.' He remembered them telling him.

He dropped the lifeless body of the shop owner and looked at her. She screamed, turned around, and ran up the stairs.

He followed and caught up to her at the top of the stairs. She froze as he grabbed her by the shoulders from behind. She brought up her elbow and tried to kick him in the shin, but none of that mattered. He drained her as well. She fell limply at his feet. He moved and she fell down the ten or so stairs to the bottom, lifeless.

He got what he came for. 'Now, grab the dresser and get back to Roul to finish off the job.'

"You bumbblefuck!" Roul roared. "He is mine! You have no right even attempting to kill him! Do you understand? Besides, he's too powerful for you. He's not just a vampire, I'm not sure what he is but he's no vampire that I've ever met. And how did you almost kill him anyway?"

"The dagger on your desk, I used it and it worked!"

"Why the hell are you taking shit off my desk! You better put it back, I would kill you where you stand right now but I have bigger plans for you. But if you ever steal from me again, you WILL die, do you understand?" Canther nods his head. "One more thing, why isn't his head on my desk right now?" Roul asked.

"There was this stream of fire that came from out of nowhere and set me on fire briefly. I couldn't stay. I had to flee, but before I did I saw him fall to the ground, obviously hurt by the dagger."

"Well, this is good news but he is mine and don't you ever forget that. Do you understand?" He said from his elegant antique cherry wood desk. "Now, tell me more about this fight you were in, might as well learn as much as I can from your reckless act."

"There's not much to tell father. I tried to grab some lunch when he saw me in the street trying to lure her into the alley. He came at me and we tussled for a bit. Father, he recognized me."

"That's a problem, but do go on."

"Like I said; not much too it, I saw my opportunity and stabbed him in the side. He pulled the dagger out and dropped it. I went for it and as I grabbed it there was this giant stream of fire that singed me bad, see?" He showed him his arm and, sure enough, there was a giant scar that hadn't healed yet.

"Hmm, it's still there. That must be from a magic spell of some kind. You must've cornered a mage." He said with concern. "You need to be careful who you feed on, do you understand me, you were taught better than that. Do I have to retrain you?"

"No father, I just made one mistake." Canther said. "It won't happen again."

"It better not. You know who you can and cannot feed on. You pissed off a mage now and no doubt she will also be able to identify you as a vampire as well."

"Father? How do you tell the difference between a mage and anyone else anymore?" Canther asked.

"How was this lady dressed?" Roul asked in annoyance.

"She had on a light blue dress with a sharp necklace. I figured I could get that necklace for Clair and also that would make it look like a simple mugging gone wrong."

"That's good thinking but I've told you time and time again that you only kill the homeless and beggars. I am confining you to the mansion for now, feed off the food we have here."

"But why father?" Canther asked.

"Because you pissed off a mage you bumbblefuck!" Roul growled. "She can identify you now! But we now know that Adrien is still in town somewhere, idiot."

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