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Who was Hitler? for writer's cramp

Who was Hitler Anyway?

         Sam Adams, a paranormal researcher for the “Cosmos Institute” in Berkeley, California who liked to think of themselves as a real Life X files operation secretly funded by dark money from the CIA and elsewhere, one day received a mysterious package.

         The package read,

         “Inside this package is the key to your dreams. The package will grant you wishes beyond your greatest dreams, giving you everything you ever wanted. But like all magic, it comes with a terrible price. For each wish granted, you will lose one memory.

         So be careful about what you wish,for, once spoken, the wish cannot be taken back. And the machine is a machine, so it is very literal-minded. Think before you wish. For example, if you wish to receive a million dollars you may receive an inheritance from a relative whom you now cannot remember, or a settlement from an auto crash that killed your wife and left you with no memories of your time together.

That’s how this machine works.

And remember, this machine is top secret and no one outside the Cosmos Institute must learn of its existence. For knowledge of this magic can and will change the very nature of the time and space continuum, with unforeseen consequences.”

He went to his boss, the mysterious Maria Lee, and showed her the package and the spinning crystal ball inside the package. She read the note and said,

“Sam, we have been searching for this magical key for decades. It will lead to unimaginable power for those who have it. What would you wish for first?”

Sam was about to speak when she stopped him,

“Better to write it down, so we can check afterwards the consequences”

Sam wrote

“I wish Hitler had never been born”.

Maria smiled and said

“Great choice. Read it out loud.”

“I wish Adolf Hitler had never been born.”

Just then, the package lit up and they heard a message,

“Your one-time wish has been granted. There are no more wishes to be had.”

Maria looked up from her Goering Computer terminal and told Sam,
In German,

“You are going to be arrested for spreading false rumors of something called the Holocaust and something about an obscure fringe religious cult called the Jews. The Gestapo is on its way. The message comes from the top in Berlin. Do you have any idea what that means? Do you know who this Hitler was and why you made this wish?”

“Never heard of Hitler, never heard of the Holocaust and well the Jews. All I know about the Jews is that they were a fringe religious cult, religious terrorists, I believe, but I thought they were all wiped out decades ago.”

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