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by fyn
Rated: E · Poetry · Biographical · #2290450
What it is ... and isn't.

She's tall and stocky,
short hair frizzed and curled:
no one's idea of a fashion plate--
always worked hard, then traveled the world.

The eyeliner queen of the ages,
She's curvy north and south.
Soulful selfies with doe-eyed looks
and that perfectly pouted mouth.

Strength flows through every vein,
Heart that proves that gold can beat;
There's nothing she won't do, or try.
she's sassy, sarcastic, and OCD neat!

No clue how gorgeous she is,
she only sees the flaws,
but this lady has risen above and beyond
abuse and rape: her words, her claws.

She doesn't want or love him,
but doesn't want anyone else to,
thinks she's more everything
and all are but dirt beneath her shoe.

Open and aware, an empath,
she looks for good beyond all.
Loves fiercely, defends bravely--
Ever answering helper's call.

Adorable, though she doesn't see it,
Loyal to those she considers her kin.
Reader, writer (a brilliant one!)
Being friends with her is an all-round win.

No concept of give and take--
it's all about her -- she's the queen.
She's 'better' than us, she's 'better' than you,
Poison hiding where it isn't 'seen.'


All of the ladies above are beauties,
of that there is no doubt.
Yet there is so much more to beauty
than what you see without.

The who and what and how you are
isn't just a surface thing, t'is known:
beauty is only skin deep--
Ugly Beautiful goes clear through to the bone.

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