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Helping humanity is the highest form of decency and professional privilege - a poem.
Every galaxy, institution, industry, and objective
Framework shall be willing and able
To reconnoiter and process affirmative pleas
In their cordial and convenient means
Of awakening.
Though some are created in the best way
And respect their consoled
And highly laudable actors…
Concerns so deeply felt lead
To the most admirable and heartfelt attempts
To convey a message of specific demands;
As the coursing tides further
Their incalculable presence,
Solutions are solely a triage
Of bold advances and promising techniques,
Aided by treasured geniuses, 
In a variety
Of measured approaches,
All coalescing to a technological
And tool-disciplined drive
Toward some focused, dried-up ridges
And withered hillsides;
These controlled burns
Confide a sequence of scalding,
Intentional practice attempts -
And only these mere, supremely
Prescient workers can steer
Their legacy and history-defining
Feats of avoiding global,
Regional, and local upheavals!
In advance of crushing deceptions…

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