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a poem for mental health
Come with me let's take a walk it will be nice
You are walking through the most beautiful place
You carry a bag on your back
it's full of stones and rocks.

The place we visit is your favorite place
We don't have to rush
go at your own pace
you feel at peace here amongst the hush.

We walk a bit further
Through trees and flowers
There are so many
Some as tall as a tower

We come to a river
also a small stream
The water is so clear we can see the different color fish
Beautiful as the glitter and gleam

You open the bag and drop the stones into the river
You watch as each drop creates a ripple effect
With each one, you drop you feel better

Each stone represents anything bad or mistakes
It represents all the hurt you have felt in your life
So you drop the stones until there gone

You feel so much happier
You feel much free

Love yourself more, Life is short, we all make mistakes and it's okay to let them go....forgive yourself and others too...
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