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Rated: 13+ · Review · Paranormal · #2290714
1st of a new Craft Cozy Mystery Series by Lauren Elliott
I totally enjoyed this precious Paranormal Cozy Craft Mystery, found not one fault with it, and am tremendously excited to continue this Series! That's how good it is!

The heroine is readily relatable and I think she is so for many women. Betrayal, loss, financial ruin: she grieves but gets up and perseveres, returning to her childhood community despite the memories of loss and grief. Then she's knocked for a loop with a vastly unexpected inheritance, accompanied by a death, danger, tremendous pressure from investors, buyers, agents; and revelations which she couldn't possibly have imagined. But that doesn't stop her! She girds up her empowerment and she perseveres! This is a Craft Cozy Mystery because our protagonist Shay inherits a Tea-Reading, Crystal, old-style New Age emporium. She is a certified gemologist and now dedicates herself to mastering both tea blending, and the Art of Tea Reading!
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