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floating among the Ruins of SF

Floating Amid the Ruins of SF

The “Great Flood” of 2050
Ended world civilization.
Melting glaciers
Flooding the world’s coastal cities.

Exacerbated by the monster storms
That finally put out the endless wildfires.

The “big one” earthquake
Mt. Lassen and Yellowstone
Super volcano eruptions
sealed the doom.

Creating a great inland sea
Stretching from San Francisco
And through the flooded central valley
From the Oregon Border to the Gulf of Mexico.

But humans are stubborn creatures
Many lived on the upper floors
Of the flooded city.

Ten years after the flood
Sam Adams
Floats down the flooded streets
Heading to the central market.

Where he worked
Selling salvaged goods
From the many drowned
Grocery stores and malls.

The city was run by rival gangs
Who ruled their hoods
With ruthless efficiency.

Traders had to pay for protection
If they wished to keep living
And working in the market.

And there were wild animals
Cannibal gangs, bears, cheetahs, cougars, coyotes,
Feral dogs, lions, tigers, and wolves preyed
On the surviving cats, deer, cattle, horses, and humans alike.

Yet somehow the city was still there
And Sam Adams was still alive.

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