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A brief meditation on these splendid creatures
The splendid bee is a stern little creature,
Its sharp sting is its primary feature,
But there is so much more about the bee than you know,
This stern little creature allows so many things to grow.
This little bug does far more than make honey to store,
When you see bees buzzing from flower to flower,
Then you understand the bee's awesome power.
In making honey so sweet, it does more than provide a treat,
It pollinates so many plants.
So the hero of the earth is the bee,
And not because of its sweet honey.
Cherries, clover, and berries, these little dancing fairies,
Work to feed us, while we plow acres and acres of prairies,
They finish the work we started planting seeds
Into the ground to become what the prairie breeds.
So I am honored to share my world with the bee,
This little insect does so much good, you see.
So if you see a bee give it respect,
This marvelous, but stern little insect.
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