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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Nonsense · #2290765
I'll have to have my eyes checked out.
I’m giving up this Wordle game;
it’s messing up my head.
So maybe I’ll just put it down
and watch TV instead.

Sudoku doesn’t work for me.
I’ve given that up too.
And crossword puzzles baffle me,
I don’t know what to do.

It seems that I have lost my mind,
at least that’s how it looks.
I’ve gone back to my childhood;
I’m reading comic books.

I’ll have to have my eyes checked out.
I think that they’re to blame.
That seems to be the trouble when
I’m playing any game.

I cannot see too clearly now.
Yeah, everything’s a cloud.
I’m sure that I need glasses but
I’ve always been too proud.

I guess my age caught up with me.
That isn’t a surprise.
There’s still some good years left in me
if I can fix my eyes.

It was a good run that I had;
I now am ninety-two.
Hey, maybe with some glasses I
can read the menus too.

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