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George and the Cherry Tree

George and the Cherry Tree

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George Samuel Adams grew up on a farm in Virginia not far from Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s mansion. According to family lore, they were descendants of George Washington through a liaison with one of his slaves. On his 19th birthday, his parents treated him to a visit to Mt Vernon where they met the director and talked about their family history. When they got home, George’s father suggested they should mark the occasion by planting a cherry tree taken from Mt. Vernon and they did. They then went in and had cherry pie, with cherry ice cream, and cherry schnapps.

George’s father said,

“Now George, don’t cut down that Cherry tree as your great grand uncle George Washington did.”

They laughed and that became an insider joke for years on his birthday to have cherry pie, cherry ice cream, and cherry schnapps while talking about Goerge Washington.

Write something about a boy named George
(but not George Washington)
celebrating his birthday
and be sure to mention a cherry tree.

Be sure to make 'George' and 'cherry tree' bold or colorized so it stands out

February 22nd is George Washington's Birthday.

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