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The Planet not the God
Neptune is invisible
To the naked eyes.
It's distance thus outweighing
Its not inconsiderable size.

Ice giant, furthest far flung and frozen.
Where hydrogen, and helium, and more,
are wrapped about a rocky, icy core.
A trace of methane in the atmosphere,
absorbing red light, but reflects the blue.
While unrestrained wild winds, rush, rage around,
sustaining such speeds, that cannot be found,
On any other planet orbiting
elliptical around the solar orb.
And reliably recorded racing,
at up to thirteen hundred miles an hour.
Swiftly stirring storm systems seen from space.

It is conjectured that planet Neptune
is wrapped in numerous noxious cloud layers.
Of methane ice, tattered, thin and wispy.
Of foul and rotten, hydrogen sulphide.
Of ammonia ice, and of water ice.
The chemical clouds accumulating,
at manifold different altitudes
and casting their shadows carelessly on
their cloaking cousins clustered far beneath.
Circumferentially banded at high
altitude, and continuous in their
latitude. Whilst liquid carbon covers
the core, and more, methane decomposed to
diamonds, dropping down, down to the deep.
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