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Rated: 13+ · Review · Sci-fi · #2291224
Military SF/First Contact
An exciting, high tension suspenseful Far Future Military/Peacetime Science Fiction, first of a brand-new Series from prolific SF author Daniel Gibbs.

Finally the war is over, the Coalition Defense Forces have defeated the communistic League of Sol. It is time at last for Peacetime, and time for General David Cohen, and the vessels under his command to return home, to the planet Canaan. But during the wormhole jump, a bizarre negative energy tosses eight Military vessels millions of light years through space, far beyond the Milky Way. How did they get here? How will they survive? How can they return home? And what of the new humanoid species they've just discovered?

General Cohen is a very unusual protagonist: an observant Orthodox Jew, at one time [prior to his father's demise] he had studied for the rabbinate. Fully observant, he develops readers' empathy as he searches to discover the purpose served in this seemingly impossible sudden transport. In addition, many other religions including secular humanism are represented on the Coalition vessels, accommodated and treated with respect.
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