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A woman learns a lesson about blurting something without thinking it through first.
If You're Interested Don't Say You're Not!

WC 218

Max stood at the back door. “Let me explain why I'm late.”

"I'm not interested,” I said, then crossed my arms, turned, and stomped out of the kitchen. I had had a crazy day and didn’t need one other thing…

I know it was wrong of me, and it did set a bad example.

What if I had something really important to share and he, following my example, folded his arms and said, “I'm not interested”, and stomped out of the room?

I was interested. He was two hours late. Where had he been?

I didn’t know how to back out of my statement and get an answer. Seemed like I had boxed myself in.

I could hear Max head down the hall toward the bedroom. And then the door slammed! I knew I should address that too, but I had said I wasn't interested, so how could I?

Oh, I'm sure this will all shake out; a hundred years from now it won’t matter anyway, and we’ll have a good laugh about it. Well, not the laugh part.

As God is my witness, I do know right from wrong, and what I did was wrong.

Oh, it might have been okay to say to my husband under certain circumstances, but not to my twelve-year-old son!

Hard lessons.
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