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There is a fine line between awakeness and slumber.
It was late and once again my nose was in a book. This book, “The Forest”, was by my favorite author Leeann Price, queen of the trilogies. A dozen years slipped by without one written word from Miss Price. I was looking forward to the great trip it would take me on. A trip to places unknown; people or things both natural and supernatural. Beings, sensations as well as sensational otherworldly or other-dimensional beings. Any combination of foggy trails, and tall slender trees. Being alive in the mortal sense was optional. The book was a page-turner. I remember turning a page and I was out, fast asleep. The next page described the main scene, the forest of tall trees, with this picture.

“It has trees and a path”, Dan said. He was so judgmental of my reading choices. I thought his way of explaining the world around us in simplistic terms was endearing a dozen years ago. We were discussing Miss Price’s last novel “Invisible”. At that time Dan said, “If something was invisible, Victoria, you could not see it therefore you would not be aware something was there. Ergo nothing was there”. I took the bait and retorted, “I will ergo you”! I chewed on his perspective for a bit.

“Invisible” was her best novel yet. But that was then, this was now.

“Don’t spoil it again, Dan”, I pleaded. “The forest is not just trees and a path. It is a magical place where faeries play enticing one to continue on. The light beckons”. I was on a roll as my words built to a crescendo. “It is the rush I feel as I turn page after glorious page. It is a privilege, a joy like no other”.

“You know I love you, Vic. Always have, always will”. He leaned over and planted a huge wet kiss on my cheek.

The kiss woke me up with a start. I leaned over to his side of the bed. The sheet was tight, untouched, and cold. My eyes swept our bedroom. No one here but me. I was certain I smelled a faint essence of his cologne. The curtains on this quiet windless night without warning whipped wildly when, as suddenly, stood motionless. I came fully awake. Seven months ago I wiped away the last of his wet kisses. A childish gesture he once said. “You know I love you, Vic. Always have, always will”, he would say”.

“That is why I don’t see him. He is no longer here” she said to no one.

Or was he?
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