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The Dream that Changed Everything
The Dream that Changed Everything


Sam Adams had a dream
That changed his life
A dream that haunted him
For eight long years

Before the dream
He was a high school senior
After the dream he was obsessed
With tracking down

The lady of his dreams
He knew that he would find her
He would travel
to the ends of the world

to find her
he went to Korea
joining the Peace Corps
he knew she was there

three years later
he was tired of chasing the dream
tired of teaching ESL
tired of hanging out
in seedy ex-pat military bars

He decided to go back
To graduate school
When he had the last dream

She said,
‘don’t’ worry, we will meet soon”

That night she walked off the bus
Into life
Two months later became his wife

Sam Adams often thought
That was the date
He met his fate

That was the day
His fairy tale romance
Came to life

On Feb. 24th, 1208, the feast day of St. Matthias, a somewhat worldly young man-about-town, want-to-be soldier, and less-than-obedient son to his rich father was moved, hearing a sermon in a local church. He renounced material possessions and embraced a life of poverty and preaching.

St. Francis would go on to become a key voice in the ecclesiastical reforms of the 13th century, as well as an inspiration to generations of believers, especially pet owners!

Write a poem or story about a character who has a "turning point" which transforms the rest of his or her life.

Keep the focus on that event itself, but do let us know the "before" and "after" situations of that change.

based on my true love story
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