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Chapter 5 - Technology upticks and my role clarifies
Chapter 5 - Technology upticks and my role clarifies

So much has occurred as the human diaspora journeys to our new homes on immense ark-ships. It took over a decade, and the assistance of other intelligent life, to execute this plan in 2025. This is my journal looking back to document the momentous undertaking to save humanity and evacuate the planet. As I recall our species grand adventure, I find the story easier to encapsulate as a summary of each year that the planet’s evacuation unfolded. In this chapter, our story advances a year, to 2013, after a look back.

I had been selected, so to speak. In 2004 an inflection point in my life led to a crossroads; where I had to make a life-changing decision. I was one of many living on Gaia, our earth school, with genetics that allowed consciousness to expand. Really, every human has the genes already, but not activated. That part is the job of the human.

Such consciousness expansion allowed me to transcend limited religious dogmas that stunt morality, another form of mental addiction developing souls used as a crutch in their growth. I was one who found a path through many lifetimes of energy-into-matter, to learn how to open awareness beyond the five senses, to be open to higher vibrations of consciousness. That was enough to be selected to help our species survive. Among many humans who were to serve in an ambassadorial role, I was to assist in the coordination which would occur for our region.

The earth school is a powerful teacher. Many aspects of this incarnation not only worked to further grow my consciousness, but also worked to position me to be in the right place and the right time. Little did I know that the challenges in the various chapters of my life would serve to move me to new locations. A chapter of living in Southern California coming to a close, allowed me to move to Seattle, in the 90’s. The chapter of life in that big city ended in 2004, allowing me the opportunity to move to the mountains outside of a growth-bursting metropolis.

During the big shift from urban city to rural mountains, a Melchizedek took notice and tuned into my intuition and intention. They were looking for such humans. As I created a guest ranch here, open to the public and gaining lots of notice, the Melchizedek assisted, helping build my skills and fortifying this mountain ranch.

In the coming planetary evacuation, this very place was going to be the spot where humanity would funnel, in order to disembark the planet. I wasn’t planning for a mountain ranch to become a loading zone for a space craft, but that’s what was in store, ahead, in the mid-2020’s.

Starting in the early part of the decade, after we’d settled into a comfortable guest ranch operation, contact was made, and the anomalies around the sun were revealed to me as humanity’s interim home. Vast ark ships, some as large as a moon, contained entire ecologies which would house the various groups of humanity. An exodus from this planet was coming, and we would need to get as many of us humans, along with a sampling of land masses, up to those ships. Our timeline to do so had been expedited.

To make this evacuation happen, much needed to change on Earth, and it needed a catalyst to accelerate that change; to quicken the breaking of power structures that would only limit humanity’s progress. So, the dismantling of elite power continued in 2013, when the United Nations declared this the ‘Year Of The Selfie’. It was an amazing nod to how quickly new technologies were being adopted by the global population.

The Melchizedeks, beings of pure consciousness, with no need for a biological vessel to contain their energies, were actively engaged in bringing humanity a technological quickening that would be of great aid in the coming exodus. These beings, appearing as a ball of light, have a decade to prepare us biologically based humans for an evacuation from this planet. Such is a necessity if humans, a very unique expression of consciousness, are to survive as a species.

Normally, a natural evolutionary path for humans to advance our consciousness growth, and become very similar to Melchizedeks, would take many centuries. However, our solar system got its timetable altered significantly, interrupting this often repeated pattern. The earth was currently experiencing the end of a 26,000 year cycle that sees our planet wobble on its axis, with poles reversing, an increase of teutonic activity, and major climate shifts. Our planet should have seen these events calming down. They weren’t.

Instead, the pace seemed to be increasing. Storms were intensifying, new volcanos surfacing, earthquakes were swarming. A planetary event that was to happen at the end of the next earth cycle, another 26,000 years in the future, had begun to unfold in our present time. Our time on this planet was suddenly limited.

Humanity as a species would be doomed if we stayed here. The Melchizedeks were concerned. The growth and expansion of consciousness was an important component to the very fabric of the universe. To lose humanity, and our inherent uniqueness in growing consciousness, would be a great setback.

Humans needed to be taught just how precious a species we are to the cosmos. To teach us, the Melchizedeks influenced not only technological breakthroughs, but also leaps forward in science and physics to aid our comprehension. In 2013, the age of understanding the quantum realm was upon us.

We would quickly learn that Reality is a product of Consciousness. Meaning, or Information, could only exist when it was perceived. This explosion in understanding would be unveiled through the study of entangled particles. We would learn that their properties were only known, once we measured them.

As above, so below. The insights we would gain by studying the smallest of quanta, would directly apply to how we could, not only perceive our reality, but begin to shape it as well. With the explosion of population growth in humanity across the globe, our influence upon this reality was already undeniable.

Our growth and achievements were expanding at an exponential rate, but our awareness and connection to consciousness was not keeping pace. This imbalance contributed to what can only be described as a cosmic hiccup. Humanity, unbeknownst to itself, made the cosmic record skip ahead. What was to occur at the end of the next wobble, 26,000 years in the future, was happening much sooner.

Our species collective consciousness was growing with the increase in our population. Without intentional intervention, the loss would be too great. Humanity would need to move and spread out. Humanity would need to seed the cosmos like dandelion seeds spread in the wind.

2013 saw the pace of science and technology increased. So did the pace of telepathic communication with those humans who were ready to receive. It takes a coordinated effort to move a species and resettle them in new environments. It is even more challenging when such a move needs to be ushered in quicker than allowing a species to evolve to it at their own pace.

To get us to the ecological ark ships required huge transports that could literally lift mountains. Not only would humanity be on the move, so too would vast tracts of land along with the myriad forms of life from microbes to whales.

The valley I now lived would be cut out and lifted too! It also presented a perfect parking spot for humanity’s transport. Planning was already in the works for a unique craft that would settle upon the long mountain ridge lines to the north and south of the valley. A craft the width of the valley with a length over 50 miles would fill the sky soon for humans to board. There would be many such crafts across North America and all the other continents.

This undertaking is so broad and complex that humanity would have trouble understanding, let alone accepting what was going to happen. Humans are exceedingly nuanced life forms that are challenged in grasping reality. The current struggle to perceive a global community, transcending the bounds of city, state, and nation, has been evidence enough of how difficult the challenge. Humans divide into ethnicities and tribes. Within those they divide even further until they can reach a comfortably sized bubble of comprehension.

This explains why in North America alone there can be regional differences in culture and even speech. Some areas have become so complacent in their comfort bubbles that they resist all change and progress, wanting instead to not buck the status quo they created. These areas can become so stuck in their development that they would deny the reality that is in front of them, even if it meant their destruction.

There will be pockets of humanity that are resistant to what is coming. Unable to uplift their own consciousness, they would not survive such an exodus from the planet itself and would choose to be left behind, still in denial of what is to come. Some will rabidly defend their comfortable reality, leading uprisings, armed conflicts, even terrorist attempts to preserve their right to stay on a doomed planet.

Really, such rebellion was never cause for worry. For while physical lives may be lost to the coming planetary upheaval, their energy of consciousness will see them incarnate again in the future, at the other planets where the human species settles. Their young consciousnesses are tied to this species. They can only grow further within the vessel of human existence.

However, there needs to be a human presence for that to happen, for this universe to be observed, and perceived into its own existence. To wit, the Melchizedeks continued to disrupt humanity’s earthly power structures so that this planetary evacuation plan can be successful. 2013, The Year of the Selfie, put the power of connection in the individual, and that became a catalyst for global awareness.
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