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by Espero
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Puddles, Puddles, More Puddles
Today is dark and dreary, rain coming down.
I gaze out the window and watch the puddles
growing larger and larger in the driveway.
Even my little cat curls up and cuddles
with her warm, fuzzy blanket. That's where she'll stay.
I think we both caught The Blues this afternoon.
Maybe we'll decide to sleep the day away.
Ah, no! I might just put on a little tune.
Now I play some music to chase away frown;
then laugh as little bird flits from tree to tree,
looking melancholy and lonely like me.

Birds In Tree With Umbrella

Poem: Onzaim Neerlandaise
Topic: The Blues
Rhyming Pattern:
A=1, 9 - B=2, 4 - C=3, 5, 7 - D=6,8 - E=10, 11
Submitted for Writer's Cramp 2.27.23

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