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"The eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend". - - Robertson Davies

         Mareana Fuentes focused her eyes on the planet Uranus. Uranus means that you reign over us, she figured. What she didn't realize was that no one could live on this planet. Because of all the methane gases, she believed that Uranus was full of balloons. She guessed that her ideal man lived there since she believed that Uranus is referred to as the God of the Sky.

         She strongly believed that she would be rescued from the earth by someone from Uranus. At the sight of him, she would melt in his arms. She didn't think twice about becoming his one and only girl. She would brag to everyone about how nice and handsome he was.

         For years she thought of nothing else but this guy Uranus. She imagined him to be adorable in every way. Why must I have to wait and wait for my dream man to appear? Mareana was lonely and desperate. Someone would think that she was crazy since her eyes were focused so much on Uranus. She made goo-goo eyes at this man on the planet when no one else was watching. To come to her sooner, she used her flirtatious ways to entice him. Don't do this to me, waiting is terrible.

         Uranus was lurking in the distance trying to find a way to reach Mareana's eyes and heart, at least this is what she believed. She heard him telling her how beautiful, studious, illustrious, and benevolent she was. Aching to receive his touch, her desire to have him was increasing.

         Mareana's need for love and compassion made her a stalwart for her man. She was pugnacious with anyone who would go against her admiration for Uranus. She was in a dreamlike state of mind; her thoughts would always be on him. It was a cause for concern; too much focus was on this man of hers. After all, what does one expect from some who's in love? Wait a minute! Too much is too much. Anyone would think that she belonged in a psych ward. Her imagination was going wild. Hallucinations? Delusions? Perhaps hearing voices was a sign. Who are we to judge? Let her enjoy her fantasy. Some dreams or fantasies can come true.

         Could Uranus be an alien from space? On this planet there's no existence, but who am I to think that Uranus is from Uranus? He may be from a new planet in space, or, maybe a new galaxy. Why not? New discoveries are happening every day. How exciting this would be for Mareana to see her man, Uranus, in human form. He would be Mareana's beau, according to her, and he would be the most handsome man on earth.

         If Uranus happened to be a true alien, would this mean that he would have more intelligence than she could ever imagine? Most of the time it would be foreign to her what he was talking about. Their ability to communicate would be difficult. Mareana opened up a conversation with Uranus. She started with a friendly greeting, "Hello, Uranus, it's so nice to see you. I've been waiting a long time for you. It seems that I've been in love with you for a lifetime. With a great deal of passion, I wanted to cuddle you and kiss you. Now you're here and I feel giddy inside," Uranus didn't understand what she was saying. By the way that she was acting, she could tell that he didn't understand. She was disappointed, but she wasn't going to give up on him. She would have to find another way to communicate. "After all, tomorrow is another day", she said.

         Was Uranus a reality, an obsession, a delusion, or a hallucination? Her heart ached so much that she believed that her fantasy came alive. It was her fantasy and no one could take that away from her. Everything was real through Mareana's eyes; it was not imagined. You could see the sadness that her yearning for desire had created. Her needs and wants were very evident. It was like seeing a picture in a frame (still and not moving). Being in love affects each of us in different ways. All Mareana wanted to do was follow her heart and, one day she would see Uranus as part of her life.

         Dream makers, if there were someone that could make dreams come true, she needed this desperately. Can you see Mareana and Uranus as a couple? Actually, she thought that she saw Uranus, but they weren't able to communicate because he wasn't real; he disappeared. There must be a way to figure out how to communicate with him. If this were to happen, he might appear to her in a surprising way. Anything can happen in a dream and a premonition can foresee the future by making it real.

         The fascination with Uranus was so strong that Mareana wouldn't have seen what was before her very eyes. Due to its non-existence, the probability of her constant talk with Uranus was blinding.

         It was an overcast day on February 16, 2000. It was a new century when a cloud came over the city of Licorice, Mississippi. On the water, a figure appeared with a wonderful physique and handsome features to boot. In a friendly voice, it said, "I'm looking for a lady by the name of Mareana Fuentes. Does anyone know where I can find her?" In a very skeptical way, the townspeople spoke, saying, "You can find her at Meadow Lake." She's a woman who's obsessed with a man by the name of Uranus, who supposedly lives on the planet Uranus." "My name is Uranus." They were surprised when they heard his name. His name was mentioned numerous times by Mareana, and they thought that it was a figment of her imagination running wild. They were now thinking that they were imagining this. Suddenly, it occurred to them that he was actually here in the flesh. To meet his darling, Mareana, the townspeople escorted Uranus to Meadow Lake.

         Announcing that they had a big surprise waiting for her, they arrived at Meadow Lake with a bullhorn. She awoke from a deep sleep, and wondered what was going on. "Uranus is here", they said. She didn't believe them; she was so enthralled by her obsession that she thought that they were pulling her leg. So, they brought Uranus to the door and told them to talk to her. Uranus said, "Hi, Mareana, it's me, Uranus. I heard about your fantasy, and your fantasy has just come true. Opening her door slowly, she saw him there, just as she had perceived him to be. It's true this time. Soon, her aching disappeared. "Uranus, is this really you?" "Yes, indeed, it's me, and I am very real."

         Uranus, the planet, brought life back to the people. Uranus, the person, said that the planet does exist now, due to her. Mareana was ecstatic that Uranus was here and that life was now existing on his planet. She's going to begin a new life with a new family, on a new planet. She proved to the townspeople that she wasn't imagining things. This time, the townspeople felt foolish not to believe her. They decided to arrange a date for them to go to a place called Indigo Isle. For their enjoyment, candles are lit in a beautiful place where dinner is prepared. It had a swimming pool where singers sang their special songs. It had a bubble blower and they were treated like royalty. Much to their satisfaction, they decorated the place with a dreamy atmosphere, where they could sit back and admire the scenery.

         Like hard rock and roll with a fast beat, the roadrunners were doing their roadrunner dance. Her fantasy about Uranus came out of her dreams and into a living form; Mareana couldn't believe her eyes. Gathering together to make them welcome into their town impressed Mareana.

         Mareana and Uranus were stupendous. They were looked at with curiosity and zeal. To watch this couple was remarkably exciting. In a fashionable way, they would astonish each other. Up to date on the newest trends, they were definitely entertaining. Painstakingly, they were devoted to each other; they didn't want to leave each other's side. Their relationship was odd, many would think, but they wanted to intervene, saying that too much is too much. Because they thought that it wasn't healthy to be that way, most thought that they needed to be separated for a while. Too much interference could break up a relationship. Why would anyone want to pass judgment on this couple? Why is it so important to do this? Is it because they love each other differently than anyone else would?

         The year 2000 was coming to an end. Uranus is planning a celebration to enlighten Mareana's eyes. He wants to inform the townspeople that their love was still going strong. What kind of a celebration was Uranus thinking of? An excellent adventure, he was thinking, was to ride on the back of a giraffe. Come on, is that even possible? Well, from his planet, this was miraculously done. The reason that the planet Uranus didn't show any signs of life, was that it was filled with so much sorrow. They decided to turn their duster fader on. The duster fader made everything on the planet fade out, meaning that it wouldn't appear that life on Uranus ever existed. The gases also appeared to be non-existent. They didn't want anything to detect that there was life on the planet. Mareana brought life back to the planet. Uranus would take Mareana to his home, where she could watch a huge display of stars and planets. Her eyes would sparkle with wonderment at how beautiful it was. When she saw the display of intelligence, she was awestruck.

         Enthusiastically, she set out to tell everyone about her affliction with Uranus and her magnanimous way of letting go of the constant hurt she was receiving. A tremendous feeling of despondency lifted from her mind. It sure relieved the heaviness that Mareana carried within her heart. Her fantasy became real because she had seen, believed, and stood firm in her conviction. It was remarkable how all this had happened.

         Visions activated memories of confirmation that enabled smiles and answers to your dreams. To see your dreams come to life was incredible! An alarm clock wakes you up from a deep sleep and then you see a real-life figure transformed from a figment of your imagination, which is a significant resemblance.

         Finding that your images of delusions and hallucinations were indeed an entrance of better things to come, these things don't haunt you anymore. Indicating to yourself that you're not crazy, your mind would feel better after that. The craziness is finally banned from your life.

         "The eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend." - - Robertson Davies

         By all means, the closing of this story sounds nonsensical. Putting all this aside, the make-believe fantasy that Mareana had turned out well for her. Focusing all her time on someone like Uranus, whom she desperately wanted, turned out to be the real thing. If only we could see through Maeana's eyes, then the happiness that we deserve is upon us. For years her concentration level drifted into many facets of a journey that she longed for and dreamt about. In her desperation, she almost gave up, and, then, poof, to her amazement and surprise, she came out of it, and from that time on she lived happily.

         During a time of loneliness and depression, this story was meant to lift people's hearts. Bringing back the longing and desire that they were meant to have, to me, would be a remedy toward fulfillment.

Word Count - 1.991 Words.

         Written by Anna Marie Carlson
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