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On the first day of spring there is hope
Running away to elope
Just like a mad kaleidoscope
Overwhelming us all is dope

When the springtime all is good
The world is filled with brotherhood
Everything feels perfect, all good
Everyone feels all is dope

He springtime all seems fresh
Waiting for memories to refresh
In the spring the world seems afresh
Waiting for the summer all is dope

We are going to play with the "Monotetra"

Your topic: The first day of Spring


Until recently I never heard of this form. I found it in the book of Cookie ~ contemplatingareturn It intrigued me and a search learned me that the developer is Michael Walker.

-The Monotetra's stanza has a mono rhyme scheme in each stanza.
-It has four lines per stanza, eight syllables per line.
-In the last line, four syllables are repeated, as if in an echo, to make it look like a little refrain.
-The monotetra can be as long as you like, but has to have at least two stanzas.

-The name of this form is coming from the fact that the stanzas are mono-rhymed and written in tetrameter. Notice that each stanza can have a different rhyme, but all four lines within each stanza must rhyme.

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