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God Assigns DR Scribe Poetry
DR, the Scriber, God assigns him scribe on dreams for God, 

A disciple of God, DR sees dreams and scribes for God, 

Numerous dim dreams DR sees tonight, scribes poetry,

Ind foreordained scribes this morn 02/03/23 poetry,

Each dream DR sums gist, scribes proscribe poetry, 

Looks DR conforms dreams to scribe rhetoric poetry,

Law Apt Work Yet English Rhetor scribes poetry,

In wording anomalous dream series DR scribes poetry,

Aberrant dreams seen; in his art DR scribes rhetoric poetry,

No free verse, no blank verse; DR unisons scribe poetry,

Acrostic lyrical rhyme verse scribe, an ancient poetry,

Clearly, DR the scriber being pre-ordained scribes poetry,

Rightly, DR views dreams conform to stories poetry,

Orderly, DR sees, listens and scribes Acrostic poetry,

So, DR feels the conceptual dreams to scribe poetry,

Truly, DR set the ancient stories to scribe in poetry,

In his art and style, DR scribes Acrostic poetry,

Collectively, DR discerns stories to flow poetry,

Poetic in lyrical sense, DR scribes acrostic poetry,

Orderly dreams DR pen thru’ his art-style scribe poetry,

Each alpha DR scribes in his style Acrostic lyrical poetry,

To express sign as today God assigns DR to scribe Poetry, 

Rightly, DR sees tonight the gist of dreams in rhyme poetry, 

Yea, DR in his art, approval from God, scribes verse poetry,


Entry DR Acrostic Poetry



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