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A poem in Cyhydedd Hir form (described below the poem) about love.
Come with me today,
and we'll run away,
to someplace where they
have no control.
We'll start a new life
as husband and wife,
free of threat and strife,
fused heart and soul.

To wondrous new ground,
where we'll not be found,
where pleasures abound.
Happy at last.
The future is ours,
the Earth, Sun and stars.
Emotional scars?
Lost in the past.

Forget what they said
that brought you such dread.
New hope is ahead
for you and me.
To a new frontier
free of hate and fear.
You and I, my dear,
finally free.

Cyhydedd Hir format: 8-line stanzas, each composed of 2 quatrains.
Syllable structure: 5/5/5/4-5/5/5/4
Rhyme scheme: a/a/a/b-a/a/a/b
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