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My morning delight for writing com

My morning delight

My morning delight
coffee makes it right
Everything so bright
Watching the news
Waiting for the sunlight
Watching the moonlight
Drinking at midnight
Feeling the blues

One of the many Welsh forms is the Cyhydedd Hir. The explanations I found and have read thus far are not too difficult.

* The Cyhydedd Hir has eight line stanza's.
* One stanza is composed out of two quatrains.
* Syllable structure: 5/5/5/4-5/5/5/4
* Rhyme scheme: a/a/a/b-a/a/a/b
* Sometimes the quatrains are arranged as nineteen-syllable lines. New Prompt: "Cyhydedd Hir" is your form to play with.
Topic: positive emotions.
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