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Daily Flash Fiction 3/3/23

“They did it again."

“That’s the fourth time today.”

James checked his notes. “You’re right. The first time was at 9 AM, then again at 10:12 AM, then at 10:31 AM and then just now.”

“What could be causing them to be so dumb?” Allen turned his attention to the blue car that just passed them going past the speed limit.

“Beats me, but they’ve tried my patience for the last time.” Sirens and lights on, the partners chased the blue car for a few blocks.

Allen cautiously strode to the car, surprised to find a lady hardly tall enough to reach the pedals behind the wheel of her blue car.

“Ma’am, are you aware you were speeding back there?”

“Oh, yes sir, I am SO sorry, You see, I have to put a wooden block on the pedals, and they came off then I had drive round and round the square to try to get the pedals back on then I put my pal Georgie in the driver’s seat and he was steering but it’s okay because I was kind of keeping my eye on the road while we went in circles.”

“May I please see your driver’s license, registration and insurance card?” She rummaged in her purse, finally surrendered all the cards.

Allen looked at the passenger seat to see a large white dog.

“Miss Alice, is this Georgie?”

Alice Montgomery smiled, petted Georgie. “Isn’t he a beaut! And he’s still a pup!”

Allen sighed, “Miss Alice, you do know a dog isn’t supposed to be driving. I’m afraid I’ll have to give you a ticket. I’ll be right back.” He returned to the police car.

Alice turned to Georgie, “What a nice man. Don’t you worry. You won’t lose your license. Not this time.”

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