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To my dear friend.
March 4

Here it comes again
This wave of grief to pull me under
A scream from deep within my bones
Raw and loud, eclipsing thunder.

As darker storm clouds gather
I can’t even speak your name
You’re stuck and burning in my throat
I swallow hard to hide the pain.

And then here you come again
A bright rainbow in the brand new sky
Your laughter floating on the wind
And soothing voice to calm my cries.

But on this day the Earth stands still
As it absolutely should
For we celebrate your birthday
While you lie reposed in wood.

Gathered as family here in prayer
We prematurely usher you home
For on this day your legacy
Forever will be marked in stone.

Still tomorrow we’ll awake
To greet another dawn
Because despite all our attempts
This world spins madly on.

And there you’ll be again
The glorious sunrise in a day’s new sky
The melody in a morning dove’s song
The rhythm in our hearts
Even though you are gone.

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