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A brief short story about The weekend I will never forget for the Micro-stories contest.
I came in tense. We’d had a fight. Recompense? Maybe later tonight. After stumbling on my bike, I turn on the light. Her bag is on the counter, but she’s nowhere in sight. Normally I might perceive it as a slight, but I’m relieved if you can believe because I want to keep it light.

She couldn’t conceive how long my week had been. I just want to have a beer, but I sneak it like a teen. Then I creep around and peek. Just where the heck is she? I feel heat until I see a hallmark card addressed to me.

Inside, it reads, “We did it! You’re going to be a dad.”

I’ve never been so happy, but a part of me is sad. I think back to distant past and arguments we had. Then I want a shot of something harder than I have.

I feel that, inherently, a part of me inside is truly bad. How the holy heck can I hope to overcome that? My emotional faucet is always on full blast. Now another mouth to feed might overfill my glass. My heart is overjoyed but needs a cast. The most memorable weekend I’ve had.

Prompt: 'The weekend I will never forget'.
Word Limit: 200
Word Count: 200
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