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Poem is about the crushing weight of depression
Darkness descends upon my soul,
A weight that drags me down the hole.
A heavy burden that I can't shake,
A constant ache that I can't escape.

The world around me is dim and gray,
The sun shines, but it's still so far away.
The colors have faded, the sounds are dull,
Everything around me seems so null.

The days are long, the nights are worse,
A never-ending cycle, like a curse.
I feel so lost, so alone, so scared,
Wondering if anyone even cared.

The weight of depression is hard to bear,
A constant struggle, a never-ending snare.
It takes hold of my mind and heart,
And tears my world apart.

But I know that I'm not alone,
That there are others who feel like stone.
And though it may seem like there's no hope,
I know that I can find a way to cope.

So I'll keep fighting, keep holding on,
And know that someday, the light will dawn.
For though depression may be strong,
I know that my spirit will carry on.
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