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by Norman
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Each season has its worthy charms.
The wind chimes played a melody
as they danced in the breeze.
That wind was stronger way up high
and ruffled through the trees.

Those wind chimes gave a first alert
of weather that would call.
They were the harbingers of change
and soon the leaves would fall.

For Summer days were fading now;
that breeze contained a chill.
And Winter would be on us fast.
Oh yes, we knew the drill.

Those wind chimes did a merry jig,
their voices sang out loud.
And as I watched the sky was dimmed,
dark from a passing cloud.

Oh, I don't mind the weather change.
It never makes me sad.
Each season has its worthy charms,
a reason to be glad.

For even with the Winter cold,
I love the white of snow.
Each special flake will glisten bright
and cover all below.

The Winter takes its rightful place
as it does every year.
And still the wind chimes can be heard
as they swing here and there.

Before too long that snow will melt
and we will think of Spring.
The wind chimes then shall all rejoice
for what that change would bring.

Those wind chime sounds have more appeal
than any song I’ve heard.
To me they match the sweetest trill
you might hear from a bird.

Their playful tune is pure delight
and sure to make you glad.
Although sometimes, I must confess
... they just might drive me mad.

Author's note: I believe the seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall or Autumn) should be capitalized, just as the months of the year are. My personal feeling.
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