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A better way for this world

This is a new world
It ain't the one I used to know
People's minds errupting
There's a fuse about to blow

No-one knows why
No-one cares why

It's “Dog eat dog”
It's “Draw first blood” that brings the prize
“If it feels good do it”
Cause only the “strong” should survive

Is anyone happy?
Are you really happy?

But we don't need to be the best
and we don't have to be cruel
Cause when our world becomes a prison cell
Maybe it's because we forgot the golden rule

See your reflection
We ain't the star we want to be
So we build a stranger
Who won't allow us to be me

A Plastic population
A confidence that's fake
Not knowing how to give
Only how to take

But good looks don't mean kind
and pretty fades with time
but loyalty will always hold true
Then maybe we should try the golden rule

I am a stranger
I am surviving in this world
I sense the pain
The confusion and turmoil

But I don't despair
Cause I know there's a better way
And I want to give
To be a better soul each day

So won't you join me and try
Won't you listen to this fool
That we can honestly be happy
We can stop pretending to be cool

Then we can love
We can escape this world's whirlpool
If we just try
Can't we just try
The Golden Rule?
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