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Personal. A story of my experiences and perspectives.
A man was being taken out of the front of his home on oxygen and in a stretcher towards an ambulance with a young boy running towards it! “Son, go play with your friends.” Was his message to his son; his father wouldn’t look him square in my eyes as the father was being loaded into the vehicle; the doors were closed then they drove away without sirens. The boy devastated was seen watching the ambulance drive away.

“A Twisted Story.”

We all have a short story.
With a beginning, middle and end.
This path lay before us all.
Please remember me as I am.
As we age our pages turn.
Like the seasons, over and over.
Yet progress never does ever slow.
But memories do fade over time.
We all create “A Twisted Story.”
Filled with trials and many tribulations.
Dying is a part of life.

We all live through hard times.
We all change through wisdom learned.
The person you were now lost.
Akin to your death and rebirth.
There exists a fine invisible line.
Between our decisions made and unmade.
Although change in itself is constant.
Actions are required and decisions made.
Opposite opinions collide and war ensues.
We all live “A Twisted Story.”
Created with either love or hate.
Failure is a part of success.

We all reside within an opera.
Filled with many people, places, things.
Will you set aside your soul?
In return for wealth and opulence?
Every single person has a role.
As one door closes, another opens.
Through wisdom, knowledge, understanding and truth.
Every action does face its opposite.
We all leave “A Twisted Story.”
As I write down my past.
In order to heal someone else.
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