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The first transformation
I could see the big bright full moon. It was high above the dark sky, like an invitation to a promising evening. I felt its magnetic pulse, as it called to me. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes, my lips pressed together with excitement. I could hear it. The sound of those that howled to the moon. I exhaled slowly as the neighborhood’s canines exploded to life. All the dogs were barking. They had heard it too. It was like music, a sound that would soon become the call of my pack.
There was a particular howl that gave me sudden goosebumps, my heart racing.
It howled loud and deep and with purpose. It was my Alpha. He called to his future Luna, me. Tonight would be my first transformation. I could already feel it deep down in my core. I dropped to my knees as body became scorching hot. Sweat protruded from my pores as I cried in fear of the unknown. I looked up towards the moon and howled with pure ecstasy. I was suddenly covered in golden brown fur and my eyes glowed with new life.
I was ready.
I ran expeditiously onto the crowded streets, the world around me becoming a blur.
“Are you coming?” A male deep voice entered my mind. It belonged to my Alpha.
“Yes, I am coming.” I responded in my mind.
“Successful, I see.”
He spoke of my transformation.
Soon we ran side by side, our pack behind us. The wind picked up around us as the light of the moon guided us to our new destination.

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