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Debunking Q For writer's Cramp
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Debunking the Q conspiracy
38 lines

As more people go down dark rabbit holes
Consumed with bat sh…t, crazy, dark, dangerous,
Insane, wild conspiracy theories
Wrapped up in other conspiracies.

The master conspiracy is the Q conspiracy
People believe that there is a secret cabal
Secretly ruling the world for their own
Evil, foul, nefarious purposes.

A cannibalistic, child-eating, pedophilia
Satan worshipers cabal
Who may be controlled
By alien shape-shifting reptiles.

To those of us who live
In the reality-based world
It is hard to comprehend
How people can get sucked
Into this collective madness.

And how to see
How we can help them
Restore their sanity.

But it is up to all of us
To work together
To restore the world
To sanity.

Or we will watch
Everyone in the world
Become bat sh..t crazy
Consumed with violent rage.

Destroying the world
As they create
Their own end-of-days
Hell on earth.

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, March 11, is Debunking Day . Write a story or poem about someone debunking some false information.

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