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Take a walk to find a familiar place where shadows never fade.
Walking along the frost-covered grass brought to mind crunchy leaves, fallen and brown. Shivers shook me, I pulled my coat closed. Such a thin coat, not the right choice after all.

When the sun hid my shadow I didn’t notice the chill, now my shadow is long and trying to outrun it. A small cloud of breath as I chuckle to myself, “foolish, I know”. My shadow must stay with me for the rest of the journey, to the end.

Looking ahead I see a familiar shape, with a glint of sunlight it winks at me. It knows me too, that makes me smile. I remember each creaky board and whiny hinge, each draft that whispered by. Faded colors of blue and yellow, faint scent of honeysuckle. Home? Maybe again, but it’s been so long.

Around me the sunlight fades and my companion no longer walks with me, “you win”.

Each step gets me closer to the place I once had been, but the darkness has a faster pace. My eyes sting, my skin is pierced, my ears ache for cover.

A twinkle of gold up ahead, I can almost feel the warmth of its shine. My shadow will meet me there, “save a place for me by the fire”.

Just a few steps away I stop, this place is so small.

I step closer reaching out for the rail, frosty grass now frosted wood. Glass shimmering from the orange glow, I dare to look inside.

Alone he sits with book in hand, feet up toward the fire. Will I be welcomed? Will I be remembered?

Looking out behind me the dark has made its stand as the stars march on, I wonder if I should too. Cold stiffens my bones, I can’t move. So here I stay for a moment longer, where did my eagerness go?

Oh, but the fire behind the door is warm, I close my eyes, head down. I hear my name, soft and true.

Still looking down, there was my shadow, “you found a friend”. A wisp of warm air across my ear, over my cheek, onto my eyelids blinking for the light.

My name again was said with a smile, his hands reaching out for me.

“I’m home?”

“You are.”
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