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by Sumojo
Rated: E · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #2292207
Paddy gets more than he bargained for.
36 lines.

‘T’was the day of St.Patrick
When Paddy went to sea.
He’d been feeling quite gastric,
His appearance, as green as a pea.

Hanging his head on the ship’s railing,
A creature he saw in the waves beneath.
Paddy’s face went from green to paling,
When he saw this THING, with great big teeth.

It stared up at Paddy with one great eye,
It’s tail it swished from side to side.
Paddy knew with a glance that this big guy
Was trouble and not be denied.

Casting their nets out into the waves,
The crew prayed hard for a mighty catch,
‘Cos for months they’d been working fierce, like slaves,
At last they were netting a great big batch.

There were all sorts of creatures,
Both big, small and skinny.
But this THING in the catch was the stand out feature
And it stared at the sailors and gave out a “whinny.”

‘Oh my god,’ said the captain, closing his eyes.
‘An Alicondor, a creature so rare.
‘I’ve seen pictures in books but never in life.’
The creature so rare gave Paddy a glare.

Alicondor? What creature is he?’
Asked Paddy, preparing to flee.
‘His mother’s a snake, his father a ‘gator.
This THING is a joke from god, the creator.’

The sailors avoided the teeth, jaws and claws,
As they grasped the scaly kraken.
They cast it back, to the sound of applause
From Paddy, left shakin’ and quakin.’

He prayed to St Patrick for saving his life,
He thought that it might have been over.
He went home to Ireland and back to his wife,
Where she gave him a kiss and a many-leafed clover.

Written for
NEOLOGY Writing Contest  (E)
Create your own word and use it in poetry.
#2290879 by GERVIC

Made up word: Alicondor. Noun
A cross between n Aligator and an Anaconda

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