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be careful what you wish for
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the year 2024

38 lines

The year 2024
Turned out to be a weird year,
It was the last year of the old order.

All over the world
It seemed as if nature
Was in revolt against the human race.

It started with a break in the rain
The rains and snow had ended the drought
But brought with it something worse.

As Sam Adams
Took a long-delayed
Drive along the coast.

He stopped off in Bodega Bay
The site of the infamous
the Birds” movie.

While watching the crashing surf
Amid the piles of driftwood

The birds were soon joined by bears,
Coyotes, cougars, feral cats. Feral cattle,
feral dogs, Feral horses, feral pigs, giant spiders,
Orcas, snakes, sea lions, sharks, squirrels,
Escaped apes, cheetahs, monkeys, elephants,
Lions, tigers, and wolves
Domestic and wild animals alike.

All gathered together
All united with a hatred
For the human race.

The attacks started that day
As the animals gained telepathic powers
Coordinating attacks
Against the unsuspecting humans.

And within weeks.
Civilization began falling apart,
By the end of the year
The old world had ended.
Prompt words

break in the rain
drive along the coast
"The Birds" movie
crashing surf
piles of driftwood

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