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Here is a quick military poem
In a dusty old storage closet
Hidden behind old computer screens
And yellow-paged binders,
Wait ripped Air Force posters and memories.
All is neglect, covered with cobwebs and dirt.
God forgive us for forgetting.

Over in the corner lays a bent propeller
Under a framed flag with an inscription,
And battle banners, not too far away
From days and nights popping in the breeze
Like the sounds of shots on target,
Reading, "Thank God for Air Power!"

Beneath years of neglect wait memories;
vibrant gold wings on a blue background,
Trophies and group photos on a rickety table.
Earlier generations revered these symbols of America,
Rather than leaving them in dark corners.
Remember when God guided their way?

Another day goes by and we rush to modernize,
Never remembering our future is tied to the past.
Remembering when the things we promised
To cherish forever slowly sank into the past.
Sometimes we forget the war and warrior,
So I ask God to watch over these Veterans.
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